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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Career Coaching
  • Location: Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sam had already been consulting for about 10 years before he joined the course. He was looking for help to scale his business. He found the course layout was very systematic and helpful. The sales section has helped him land a few 2-3k monthly clients as well as 20k client


Hi, my name's Sam Waterfall. I'm a consultant in London, UK, working globally and I'm just wanting to record a quick testimonial for Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator Program. I've been a consultant well before this course, so before Sam's course I had already been consulting for about 10 years but what I was looking for was a way to scale my business, to stop trading just hours for money and to be able to really expand my business. I must say that, during the course, Sam really didn't disappoint. There was so much content but what was particularly helpful was the way the course was laid out, very systematically, very well spaced as well. Even though there was a lot to get through, there was no overwhelm because it was so well spaced. In terms of going through it, some real nuggets in there. I loved the sales section, really enjoyed the mindset section also. That reminded me of some things that I'd learned on a sales job where I'd had really good training previously but I wasn't necessarily still doing those things, so it was a great reminder to get involved in that. After the course, I'd say I'm still going through it but there's more for me to apply but already, by asking some of the questions from the sales section that Sam goes into in a lot of detail and some of those questions have already landed me deals that I'm making between $2-3,000 dollars a month and sometimes it's enabled me to close $20,000 deals, which have been really good. It's helped me to help my clients by asking the right questions. It's just a really good reminder, very thorough course. Even the Facebook section, by the way, there's so much in there it could be a course in its own right. So I would definitely recommend it. It has worked for me. I'm sure it will work for many people as well, even if you've got lots of consulting experience beforehand, it will help you continue to get better. So, Sam, thanks very much indeed and I look forward to meeting you in person one day. Thank you!