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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Personal Development
  • Location: Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

Member just started the course and his first impression is that there is massive value in the course.??The appearance looks professional and a detailed step by step process.


This is from the Netherlands. I would like to say something about program of Sam Ovens. Although I only just did first two weeks of it up to now, but my first impression is that there is real value in it. Why? In my opinion, Sam Ovens really knows what he's talking about. He did all the work, he learned a lot, and got massive, massive results. And I must said the appearance of the online course looks very professional. One thing I want to mention in particular and that is is the sales training that's in it. It's a protocol for converting potential clients into real paying clients. It's very detailed. It's very good. It's really a step by step, step by step process for how to do it. Well, this is it. I really can recommend this program to you. Thanks for watching. I wish you all the best with your consulting business.