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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Entrepreneur
  • Location: Annville, PA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Nathaniel is a brand new student and recently joined the Consulting Accelerator. He is excited to get himself going moving forward and will be working diligently to improve his current situation.


Hi Sam, this is Nathaniel Kendrick. I'm a new student. I just started this weekend. I'm really excited about Accelerated 2.0. I found you from Tai Lopez's link to your webinar. I watched it, missed the first day, but I got to watch to watch it a second day and stayed the whole way through. And was just really, really interested in all of that. I kinda had my own personal idea of how I wanted to build networks, because my natural skill is to just kind of connect with people, and help people out, and stuff like that. Seeing that that this consulting thing just really lines up with a lot of my goals, and my dreams, and passions, and skill. So, I just thought it was the thing for me so I jumped right in. Got my classes started, I'm really excited to move forward with my life and not hold myself back anymore. I had a hard time growing up, struggled with depression, all that kind of stuff, but now that I'm living life fully and jumping into your Accelerator, things are looking forward. And I'm just continuing to look forward and I hope to just really be diligent with this whole Accelerator program and actually do all the classes and follow through on all the work. And I hope I get to have that private jet ride with you some day, where we can just talk business and see where life takes the connection. Yeah, I'm living at home right now at my mom's house, and just working on me and building up my dreams and all that kind of stuff. And working on cleaning out my room and building my own home office just like you did, actually. It's crazy that we connected at just the right time and so, I'm excited to look up to your Accelerator Two and get myself going double speed. Thanks again.