5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Female Entrepreneurs
  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tara felt that she had no business starting up her own business. She enjoys the structure of the sales call script and was able to develop more confidence to move forward with growing her business. She no longer has any self-doubt and knows her value!


Hi, I'm Tara Bradford in New York City. Before I joined the 'Consulting Accelerator,' I was actually working in healthcare and I had no background in business. I thought, "I have no business starting a business without knowing what I'm doing." I saw Sam's Facebook ad pop up and I thought this person sounds like he can create results. I signed up for his program and, seriously, I thought that it was going to take me six months to get my first client. After going through the program, I actually had my first client in the first week. It was amazing. I didn't even know that that was possible. I think the most valuable thing, the thing that's almost priceless that I gained from going through the program, is that now when I get on a sales call I don't feel like I have to sell myself. I feel like I just tell people what value I have to offer them and by the end of the call they are asking me how much it costs; instead of me starting with that and just telling them, "This is my program and this is what you get." It's more of a conversation. He has so much in the course that has helped me beyond that point, but I think that was the one thing that stood out the most where it really gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and continue to grow my business. Now that I'm finished I'm so grateful that I have confidence to move forward. I definitely have no doubts about my ability, despite not having an MBA or even working in a business field before now. I am just so grateful to this program for helping me gain that confidence and really see the value I have to offer so that I can help other people see exactly what they're investing in when they start working with me. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who's interested in signing up because there is so much information in here. You have everything you need to get started.