5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Self-Development
  • Location: �stersund, Jamtland, Sweden
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since going through the Consulting Accelerator, Alexander has been able to feel proud in confident with the program he has put together. He recommends this for those who are starting from scratch looking to make an online business.


Hi, this is Alexander from Ostersund, Sweden. I joined Sam Owens' program for about 6, 8 months ago and I was in a great learning process. I hadn't been using online marketing or something like that, whatever, so it was a great start for me. He learned me the basics, and now days I have a website that I'm really proud of, and I have a digital product. I made a lot of videos and I'm really proud of what I have done, and I have big expectations about what these can do for the future. I'm still working and I hope to see some great results. Yep, so I can only say that for you that are unsure about if this can be good for you, if you want to start from scratch building online business, then Sam Owens I do recommend. And you don't need a particular skill to start with. He can do most of the work for you. You follow his steps and do what he tells you to do, and you will be fine. Don't worry, don't think so much about making big success at the beginning. If you follow his steps, you will get success at the end of those weeks of your training. So be patient, and just have fun. So, have fun and do what he teach, and you'll be just fine. So, thank you.