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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Education
  • Location: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since he has been going through the Consulting Accelerator, John has made many personal transformations and is living a more fulfilling life. He praises the community of support inside the Facebook group, and is excited for the future of his business. He recommends the program to all.


Hi guys, John Rodminson here. I'm from England, and Newcastle, but I'm living in the UAE. That's why it's so sunny and bright here. I'm in Dubai. Sam's Consulting Accelerated Course came to me at a time when I'd just become a new father, and I'd just had my second baby. I've got two boys, they're one and three years old. And I didn't really have any career path or life plan. I was still living irresponsibly and free, traveling the world. I was a musician. And his course found me at a good time, because it was a time that I needed a plan. I'm still going through the course now, and the process has been a very pleasurable journey of learning and support ... the support that the community has, and the staff Sam's employed, they really help you to stay on-track and to clear up any issues that might arise. So the biggest change and the biggest improvement has to be the mindset. I just see the world completely differently now. I've got a plan. I'm on a path. I've got a destination. And life is more fulfilling, actually. I feel a better person and a better father. It's been a very personal transformation, and I'm looking forward to really getting my business growing. It's just in the early stages now. I'm really so grateful I had the opportunity to find it when I did, you know? I hope you all have the same experience, if not better, than me. Don't worry if you've got kids and you haven't got the time. I'm doing a full-time job and I'm a new father and it's taken a bit longer than it would have if I didn't have those things, but it's still possible. I would recommend it to you and anyone else. Good luck.