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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Coaching
  • Location: ELTHAM, VIC, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tina had found Consulting Accelerator during a low point in her life. She was looking for personal development, a sense of direction & online consulting. She highly recommends the program to others and has appreciated the support from the entire team.


Hi everyone. My name's Tina , and I'm dialing in from Melbourne, Australia. I would love to talk to you today about my experience with Sam Ovens and his program. I jumped onboard roughly eight months ago at a very delicate time in my life, very fragile. My mom was unwell, and I moved to the Gold Coast to help care for her, which obviously brings on a bit of sadness and a bit of despair, and I was at a perhaps a bit of a low place. I came across Sam Ovens' advertisements and webinars on Facebook and was searching for something like that in my life. I needed to have some direction, personal development. I know I wanted an opportunity to learn more about online consulting. With that, I actually decided to move ahead and go forth and obtain more information. One thing which Sam Ovens talks about in his program is about digging deep into your soul, into your heart, being able to really search what it is about you that makes a difference, what you're good at, and being able to be accountable, make a difference, and do the work as well. If you're not prepared to do all those things and be accountable, well you may as well become an Uber driver. Guess what. I'm an Uber driver. That note did not strike very well with me, so it definitely gave me the push that I needed to move ahead. With that, I have found my niche. It's been a fantastic experience, especially on the personal development front. The team have been amazing. They've been quite helpful by being very supportive to me, and I highly recommend the program. Go for it. Good luck and all the best. Have a great day.