5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Life coach
  • Location: NSW Sydney, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Member purchased the course through a recommendation from a mentor. He has some personal challenges he is facing, but like Sams presentations and explanation of the course material. He also like the efficiency of the support team


Hey everybody it's Ian Moyes from Sydney, Australia. I decided to do Sam's consultant accelerator program several months ago based on recommendations from one of my mentors. I started and I found the program is quite challenging, I am a mature aged person with little experience in digital marketing and more than likely what I would consider little experience using the computer. I have been going through a life coaching course as well, with the hope that I will start up a coaching business. I'm very grateful to Sam to be able to be part of this upgrade. I have found that even though I am challenged by what I need to do his explanations, his video presentations, and his support crew are fantastic. The modules or the sections that I have done, that I have completed make sense, for me it's the doing part that I come up challenged with not the actual program itself. I get what Sam's telling us to do, I'm just not that familiar with knowing exactly how to do it all. But having said that I'm committed to seeing this through and launching my life coaching business using Sam's methods. Sam, thank you, my life in ways has improved, in other ways it's really been quite tricky. I have a small business that I manage as well and interestingly enough with the results of the goal setting and things like that I've noticed that my business is actually picking up, which is really good, I'm very happy about that. So Sam thank you, I'm looking very forward to the upgrade and looking forward to completing the consultant accelerator and launching my life coaching business. Thank you.