5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Performance Coaching
  • Location: Topanga, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Zev used Consulting Accelerator to become extremely focused on what he needed to do to create a successful business. He has been able to grow his consulting business into the 6-figures and recommends the program to others looking to systemize their business and scale.


Hi, my name is Sebastian. I am a performance coach for men who are movers and shakers in this world. My job is to bring men home to the highest expression of their creative genius, so that they can lead this world into creating the paradise we all know it can be. Now, while that might sound highly ambitious, the only real thing that was stopping me and getting in my way of doing that was a real lack of systems and infrastructure, and the supporting framework that would allow me to actually do my work, and work deeply with the men I work with without getting bogged down with all the different hats that I had to wear, all the different things that I needed to take care of in running a business. Stuff I just hate. It helped me to simplify and orientate myself, and not be so diluted in the work I was delivering. Doing the accelerated program really helped me to gain a very clear North in terms of what I should focus on, what I should just let go of, and just clarify my own mind, and clarify my own perspectives on where to put my energy, and where to not put my energy. I would highly recommend the accelerator program for anyone who really wants to knock years off trial and error, that's involved in running and building up a business like this in a successful way. There's a lot of things that Sam has shown that will really take a lot of pain and guesswork out of the game so that you can just really get to where you want to get to a lot quicker and do the work you're here to do a lot quicker. Having said that, I would recommend this product to someone who already has a clear idea of what they're here to do and what their real message is about, and wants to really systematize and make that grow, and be more powerful in their work. I think that's where this work really shines for people like that. Well done, Sam. Great job. Love your down-to-earth way of delivering things, and hope to see you one day in New York. Good work, take care.