5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Personal Training
  • Location: Illinois/Quincy, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the program, Kevin was struggling with debt and depression. Watch him explain what changed.


Hi. My name is Kevin . I'm from Illinois and I just wanted to take a brief minute to tell you about Sam's Consulting Accelerator program and what it's been like working with Sam. Before I got started on this program, I had a hard time working my job all the time. I was always working a lot of overtime and I still couldn't keep up with debt. A lot of times I would just feel really depressed. I didn't want to do anything. Some days it was even difficult getting out of bed. Once I started on it, even the first few weeks it was tough just trying to push myself to get the action steps done. Once I started making some progress and I got to the mindset part, everything changed. I really want to tell you that mindset part alone, Sam just teaches you how to get your mind unstuck and just nothing like it. I've never dealt with anything like this before. It really helped me to change my life. Now I get out of bed excited every morning and I'm doing great things with my life. I haven't quite made it through the whole program yet, but I'm still working through it. I'm learning a lot of stuff. I'm just really excited and really thankful for this opportunity.