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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Personal Training
  • Location: Provo, Utah, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Are you too young to start a consulting business? Nope. Noah is 21 and he bought the program when he was 20 years old. Even if he hasn't been able to continue, he is motivated to do so because of what he is seeing in the Facebook group. He thinks that Sam did a great job in explaining the principles of consulting and how to execute them.


Hey everybody, my name is Noah I'm from Utah. Just wanted to give my quick testimonial, may be different than others. I'm 21. I bought the program when I was 20. There's some things in my life that happened that prevented from being able to start the program but what I can tell you is that this program is successful. The reason that I can say that is because one of the things that comes with the program is a community on Facebook so me not being able to do it. The only reason that I've been staying motivated to start this program now that I'm being able to start is is all of the success that I've heard from others using it on the Facebook page. Everybody says ring the bell when they get a new client or they make a new sale or anything like that. I know that it's successful and I know that if you and I apply those principles that Sam gives us in his training program, that it can absolutely change your life and it can ... It's the door to really all the dreams that you have. This program is the most comprehensive and articulate consulting program that you will find anywhere and Sam does a very good job with not explaining the principles of consulting, but how to execute those principles and I think that's really important. Sam is a very, very helpful and successful man, and he's out here to help us be successful. He wants us to be successful like he is and we can absolutely do it as we follow his program.