3 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Corporate Consulting
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

After going through the Consulting Accelerator, Tynan was able to successfully transform his mindset and honor his value and worth as a consultant. He has been able to start growing his consulting business and is feeling consistent and driven.


Hey there. My name's Tyler Monarchucked from Calgary, Canada. I started Sam's program about nine months ago. It's been awesome. The journey has been not easy. It's not been an easy ride like some people might think, but it really has transported me into this realization that I am a consultant, and that I'm worth it, and that I actually can do this. It's the strange concept where I came to realize that I didn't have a lot of the skills I needed that I thought I might have. I didn't have the sales. I didn't have the marketing. I didn't have the branding and the harnessing your message. That stuff all needed to be learned but there was more to what Sam's program did. It really showed me, number one, financially you can take control of your finances. I went into this program dead broke. I had no idea what I was doing. I was barely making ends meet. I'm still not in billionaire status, but I'm doing a lot better. I'm making sales. I'm being consistent, and I'm being pushed. Sam's program consistently pushes you. You're in a community of people where there's no other option than to succeed and to kick your own butt, and have your own but kicked. There's this funny thing about Sam's program where he may talk about certain things, he may give you skills, he may give you practical things to execute on, but he also is an awesome, amazing motivator. Most of us, that's really all we need. We already have the skill set ready to go. I'm already a knowledge expert on corporate culture consulting, but I didn't have the execution factor. He's really provided that through his program, so I highly recommend it. I couldn't say anything bad about it. I would just encourage you to do it if you're even thinking about it. Cheers.