5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Spiritual coaches
  • Location: Broadstone, Dorset, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Shantari has found incredible value from the Consulting Accelerator. She credits the effective teaching style of Sam and the helpful community to her success and growth. She is currently working on scaling her coaching business up.


Hi. Shan Simpson here and I am from the UK. How are you? This is a cheeky testimonial for Sam Ovens's Consulting Accelerated course. It's been a journey, it's still a journey, and it's an amazing journey. This course has you ... It gives you clarity. It gives you step by step. Sam is an amazing teacher. Follow his steps in the course ... And I am seriously not techy, seriously not techy, and it's ticked all my boxes. It's lovely to have ... It's refreshing to have a teacher that goes, "This is why you're doing it. Do this and then apply action and you will get these results." Also, if there's something that you don't understand, the coaching and the group is fantastic. They're always there and things that they don't really advertise is the community and also there's two weekly calls so you don't feel alone. This actually breaks the norm to your success. I'm a coach. I'm a mentor to coaches but now I've even discovered that I would love, in my next stage now, is to become a consultant to help other spiritual coaches like myself attract the success that is. Thank you Sam. Your course is amazing and I don't need to go anywhere else anymore because you've got me for life. Thank you. Bye.