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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: NA - JV Partner
  • Location: Bouder, Colorado, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Watch Bradley talk about how he's purchased hundreds of online programs in the past and why he thinks Consulting Accelerator in the top 10.


Hey this is B. Schneider from Boulder, Colorado and I'm here to talk to you about Sam's program. Now I had a kinda unique reason for purchasing Sam's program, is I have an email list and I'm always looking for really good, valuable, real programs that I can recommend to my list. I was intrigued by Sam's Facebook ad campaign, and all his promotional materials, but as a rule I always have to buy the software, or the program, and the training first. Go through it, and then if I like it, then I usually contact that person, in this case Sam, and ask to be a joint venture partner. I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised, not only was Sam's program structured logically and properly, and easily digestible, but it was done well. I wish I could say that for all the training programs that I own. I own hundreds of them, and I could probably rank 10 of them to be really worth their time, and investment. I would certainly put Sam's program, his training in that league. So much so, that now that I've gone through his training, I really like it and I think it will serve my email list members well, especially those that have some kind of specialized knowledge that they can share with their people, or maybe they're already in a actual consulting business now, and they just need a new way of marketing it. So yeah, I'm definitely gonna actually connect with Sam, and ask to be a joint venture partner, and then do a whole actual promotion for my email list. So anyway, that's my little video testimonial for Sam's course, and I do highly recommend it, and I'll be recommending it to my list, very soon. Take care.