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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Personal Development
  • Location: Simi Valley, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mishelle began the program just a few weeks ago, and already has generated 2 new sales at $13,000 a piece for her existing business - only by applying the sales techniques in the program. She knows it's just the tip of the iceburg and has many more successes in store soon!


Hey guys. My name is Michelle , I'm coming at you straight from California. I just wanted to shoot this quick testimonial video for the Sam Ovens Consulting Program. If you are considering purchasing the program or you've been looking into it, I definitely and highly, highly recommend it. I'm actually still a student of Sam ovens, I'm still going through the program myself. I'm actually just into my third week of the program however this program is so powerful that I've actually taken what I've currently learned in the program and I've already implemented this into my current business, eventually planning on taking this into my own consulting business. One of the greatest things that I want to say is how great and the quality of content in this program. Sam Ovens, thank you so much for putting this together. I mean, your professionalism and just the way that you explain everything is absolutely phenomenal. I've taken many courses on different topics and I do have to say that this is by far top quality, top notch and I highly, highly recommend it. One of the biggest things about this is I've already started implementing what I've learned in there and, actually, just in the last three weeks I've actually increased my sales and my conversions because I started applying what he teaches in the section where he talks about sales and conversions. Definitely million dollar training, absolutely amazing. I'd actually like to share with you proof. Let me go ahead and turn my camera here, just so I can show you guys this is not fake, this is actually real. As you can see here, I don't know if you can see the stats, this is actually the numbers that I have available. I'm showing $13,446 one sale and another one for $13,826. This is real and I highly, highly recommend it. Thank you Sam Ovens, thank you for having such a great community. Have a great day. This is Michelle , again, from California.