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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Entrepreneurs
  • Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tamar was thinking about becoming a consultant and joined the Consulting Accelerator. She found all of materials inside the program to be extremely helpful, and encourages others to join.


Hi everyone, how are you? My name is Tamara . I live here in Sydney, Australia, and I just want to quickly come and say thank you to Sam, and thank you to all of the consultants that have made pretty much the consulting model so successful, basically. There are so many people that we can learn from, and all these people that have become successful consultants have followed Sam's model, so when I wanted to become a consultant, when I was thinking about this, and I bumped into Sam's webinar the first thing that I did, was like, "Wow, you know, this is amazing." Here's this guy who's already become successful. He's a role model, and why would I want to try and figure it all out by myself? Guys, the detail inside Sam's consulting model in his course is just outstanding. It is excellent. There is no wonder why this guy, Sam, is so successful. So if you're thinking about learning from somebody who's extremely successful, who has a hunger for excellence, and who delivers excellence each and every time, Sam is the guy. I'm not wanting to blow anyone's head off, I'm just calling it as it is. I've purchased, obviously, the course. I am doing the course. The detail in it is just amazing, and I'm very proud that I've taken the step to follow in Sam's footsteps. So if you're thinking about it, do it. Do it for you, do it for your family, do it for the world. The amount of personal growth that you will experience as a result of purchasing Sam's consulting model and doing it, it is just unfathomable. It's beyond measure. Thank you, Sam. Thank you to all the consultants out there, and thanks to you. Bye.