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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Self-Help
  • Location: Ocala, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Shanti was looking for something new in her life. She has been able to identify her strengths and weaknesses and develop herself by using the mindset training. She recommends the program for anybody who wants to be a star in their own life.


Hi, guys. I'm from Curacao. Life before Sam was fine or what I expected to be at that moment. I didn't have really nothing going on. Had a lot of coffee time with my friends. Then I decided I was done with that. I needed something new. When my mind and my heart was ready, I saw Sam on Facebook and I knew he was going to be my mentor. When you change your mindset, and this is what Sam really helps you with, he shows you your strengths and your weaknesses and how to work with it. You work with it and you make it into your weapon. You use it to get your message out there, to help, to make money. I haven't made any money yet. It's because I'm really working hard on it. But with this mindset, I can help so many people. The money will come. But my goal is to help. I recommend Sam to anybody who really want to be pushed over the edge. Sam is your man. All right. If you want to be a star of your own life, go for it. Be a star.