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  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Alex joined Consulting Accelerator and absolutely loved the bulletproof business strategies he describes help him improve his life and business overall. He is looking forward to growing his business in the near future after landing his first few clients.


Hi, my name's Alex. This is my testimonial video for the Consulting Accelerator. I first got into this course a few months ago and went through the program and completely loved it. I have absolutely nothing wrong to say about it. Not only did my mindset completely change from one week to the next, where I felt more at peace with myself, I felt more purpose and a sense of direction, I was able to arm myself with bulletproof business strategies that allowed me to actually start my consulting business and improve my life overall. And that's something that other programs was not able to do. I spent thousands and thousands on other programs, and Sam's Consulting Accelerator is honestly the only online marketing business training course that I recommend, that is not my own consulting programs. So, for the sake of this video, I'd just like to thanks everyone who was involved in creating this course. It's really a work of art. And I really hope that this grows to become something amazing and that the world will be ready for it.