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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Mindset
  • Location: San Jose, California, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andrew joined the program after graduating college and was able to improve his mindset, increase his salary, and enjoy his work.


Hi. My name is AJ Linn from San Jose. Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator video testimonial. Here we go. I guess we'll start before I got into Sam Ovens' program, I was a recent graduate from college. I moved into an industry I didn't know very well. I took the job just because it was there, and it moved me away from Minnesota, and I was able to get out here to California. But I realized that it wasn't an industry I either enjoyed or interested me, after actually getting into the company and into the industry. So I realized I need something more in my life. I stumbled onto this program here, and I wasn't sure consulting was my thing, but I decided to try it out just to see if it did interest me, after learning a little bit more about it. I got through week one, got through week two, and the biggest lesson that I learned was from the millionaire mindset video. I realized from there I could change my mindset, and I could create maybe a small niche within the company that I really enjoyed working with, or at least doing. And from there, I worked my way into a different, like I said, area into the company, and I've started to enjoy my work a lot more. I don't think I'm really a consulting type, but the few lessons Sam does with just mindset have changed a ton for me. Since then, my salary has increased exponentially. My output of work, and work quality, and effort that I'm putting into my work has exploded, and it's something that's really changed my life.