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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Coaching
  • Location: Playa Vista, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Abdalla was already doing quite well! But he invested in Consulting Accelerator because he wanted to increase his income and live comfortably in LA. Hear his story.


Hey, guys. This is Abdalla Majeed from Los Angeles, California and actually before joining Sam's consulting program, I actually already owned, and was running, a small business that was generating about $20.000 a month. Obviously this was enough for me to support my family as well as myself, but with the constant rise in cost of living here in LA, it just wasn't doing it for me and obviously I felt like in order to be really financially secure and financially free, I needed to up my income. I needed to increase it essentially. During the process of going through the program, there were definitely a lot of lessons that I've learned. It was actually incredibly transformational because it forced me to push my limits and to get out of my comfort zone. Essentially, it teaches you to overcome your fears. This is so powerful because often times our fears control our actions. Once we can overcome this, that's when we can really start to make progress. I found the mindset training in the program to be incredibly helpful. After going through the program, I've been in the process of actually developing a new website that focuses on helping students to do better in school. I can't speak to the success of the project yet because it's still in the developmental stages, but I'm incorporating all of the things that I've learned in the course and it definitely seems promising. If you're thinking about buying this course, I would definitely 100% recommend it and the lessons that you will learn are invaluable and they will not only teach to be more successful in your endeavors, but also in life. I've actually purchased a couple of programs after Sam's course and none of them even compete. None of them even come close to competing. Again, 100% highly recommend this and you can thank me later. All right? Okay.