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  • Level: 6 Figures
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Aaron speaks very highly on the realness of the training Sam provides and the value inside the Facebook training. He has used the training to make over 6-figures.


Hey, my name is Aaron , and I just want to tell you a little bit about my experience with Sam Ovens' course. I've bought a lot of courses, and when it comes to what's available out there, there's a lot of hype, there's a lot of over-dramatization, a lot of people making big, huge promises and not being able to deliver. Really, what I liked about Sam's program, particularly when it came to Facebook ads, is he just gave it to you really, real. He just, basically, chopped it down into minute detail, and took away all the magic from it, because there is no magic. If you want somebody who'll give you a realistic, effective approach to doing ads ... doing pay traffic, I haven't seen anything as good as Sam's, and I've taken many Facebook Ads courses. I've taken many other things, and a lot of it is just hype, but Sam just methodically gives it to you, straight up. There's no BS, there's no fluff. You're not being set up to bet let down, because he gives you realistic expectations, and he's spent a lot of money on ads. I found that very refreshing. After testing a lot of ads and stuff before the course, and then going on to apply Sam's methods ... almost looking at it very analyticalally, I was able to set my expectations, which enabled me to do much better with paid traffic, as opposed to just throwing stuff out there, or using some of the gimmicks that people are trying to teach out there in Internet Marketing Land. I recommend the course.