5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Education
  • Location: Mandelieu, France, France
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gregory has been able to work through the program and build his own business at the same time. He really enjoys the content inside the Consulting Accelerator and is working diligently on multiple areas of his business.


Hi, my name is Gregory. I'm recording this from Barcelona right now and I wanted to give a testimony for the work of Sam Oven. I've been enrolled in that program for, I don't know, maybe two months and I'm actually quite busy because I'm started ... Well, basically, two new businesses in two different countries and I'm traveling every week so I don't have a lot of time but I still manage to work and building that new business thanks to Sam Ovens' work. I'm pretty much at the week three, week four, and I'm still working on the content of the program, however, the business I decided to create makes me need to publish a lot of text and video content and things so I'm building the business right now, creating content and refining the niche. I have my niche but trying to be more specific. I've already paid back the program investment, of course, and more. From week one to week six, everything is very relevant. There's no boring part that you don't learn anything and I've been actively working for 17 years now, doing many things, and I'm an active classic text reader so I can tell the content that there is and this is really, really good quality. Every word is worth it. I've looked at, casually and randomly, I've discovered that through Facebook and I started listening to the video and boom, boom, boom, boom. The guy got me after ... At the end I just went for it and I haven't been disappointed. The reality is that we need to put work in it and the system is amazing, it's probably the best I've seen. Well, I don't have an extensive knowledge of all the other things that exist but money back guarantee, a little bit of this and you can make a lot of money doing simple things. Me, I'm working on a niche that requires more work and stuff so it takes me more time but the ... Not only the guy is very ... It's fun to watch, it has good energy, good presence, but it's content is remarkable so I rate it five stars. So if you're on the fence trying this, just go for it. It is amazing content. Thank you very much Sam Oven and team.