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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Executive coaching
  • Location: Buffalo, New York, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Katalin has just started out with the Consulting Accelerator and is looking to help businesses with her knowledge. She is learning with the program how to reach out, make herself known, and step into the business consultancy world with confidence. She is looking forward to making a great fortune for her family.


Hi, my name is , I'm from Hungary, Budapest, currently I'm living in Buffalo, New York. I'm a Psychologist. I've studied organizational leadership, and I would like to work with companies, startups, to help them to create a culture they need. They efficient teams they need to be able to realize that their visions, business strategies and goals. I didn't know that with my psychology knowledge, how can I reach out and find a client who I could help, who I have something to offer to, or for. And was extremely happy when I ran into this program, which teaches me the home marketing system and the sales process to reach out, to make myself known. And to step into confidently into the business consultancy world. I know that I need teaching, I need a model, I need to learn. The most successful people today in the 21st century are able to adjust to changes, able to use the technologies around us, by myself would be very difficult to find a good mentor, a good system, proven system to work with. This is exactly, it's a huge gap for most of us, would we have a niche or not in your skillset, most of us just wouldn't be able to do it without such an offer what like Sam Ovens program offers us. It's fantastic and I'm very happy that I'm that lucky, fortunate that I can learn this system, and I have a great hope and confidence that I will use this system and make a great fortune for me and for my family.