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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Success Coach
  • Location: Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the program, Stephen was doing good in his business but was looking for a way to scale up his revenues and number of clients. After getting started, he was able to generate new clients, right into his business!


Hi, Steven Tierney from Glasgow. And I just wanted to share a very quick little testimonial for Sam Ovens Consulting Program. If you are thinking at all about getting this and maybe you are worried about the, you know, the cost of it or anything like that. There is one thing I would say on that, and that is it's expensive if you are not going to use it. So if you are going to use it then it's absolutely amazing program. Before I decided to purchase the program I was thinking exactly that. Is it a bit too expensive? And that's what I found, it was if you don't use it. I put it on the shelf for about six months. And I just recently started using the program. And within two months of following each step I now have my first client. And I am already bringing in half of the amount of money through this program that I am making in my full time job. So it's an amazing consultant program if you use it. And that's the key thing I want to relay to people because it ain't about cost it's about profitability. And with my first client I have made back the money of the program. So I would highly recommend it. It's changed my life completely. I now have another fantastic revenue stream. Which is, as I said, making almost as much as what I am making at my job at this point in time. So, yeah we are on the way there. And you never know it may be the time will come when it just flips over and we decide to do the full time consulting. But yeah I can't recommend it highly enough. So if you are thinking about it please, please, please make the right choice and go for it. Sam's a great guy; comes across as a very caring individual who really wants the people who buy this program to succeed. So go for it if you are thinking about it. Go for it. Thank you.