5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Sales Coach
  • Location: Bundall, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course, Matt was unsure and didn't have any know how to position himself to get a customer. After the program he was able to narrow his focus and book a client. He multiple clients and is making about 20k a month.


Good day, Matthew Wyatt here from the Gold Coast in Australia. I'm actually part of the Consulting Accelerator Program with Sam Ovens. Over the last six months I found it really useful. How I was before I actually started with Sam and the program was I was pretty unsure about the steps that I needed to take to actually get that first sale, to move into the market. What marketing did I need to do? What things did I have to say? How I was actually going to position myself to go ahead and draw some customers toward me. During the program, it really made me focus down on the niche areas. That's a super important part of the program. What I really liked about it is by just narrowing my focus I got my first big paying client, and then I slightly broadened it so I can continue to make really great money and serve more people. Now that I'm through the program, I have some great clients who pay me on a monthly basis. I'm making about $20,000 a month so far. My ambitions are certainly much higher. I don't have any other source of income now because that's enough just for the moment, and as I said, I'm working up towards a higher level. So that's my testimonial video. Hopefully that's been of interest and is some help to somebody out there looking to get into the consulting space. Bye for now.