5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Consulting
  • Location: Vancouver, WA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since joining Sam program the customer has been able to start his own business and purchase a new home. Customer found the most value from the mindset training and from the support of the facebook group.


Hey, my name is Justin Adkins. I'm from Portland Oregon. I'm here to give a little testimonial on Sam Oven's course and what the process has been like before, during and after. Beforehand, I found myself unemployed, with my wife. Concerned where I was going to be going. I had this itch for myself to start up my own company, which led me into this course. Finding the mentorship that he provides, priceless. From that, I was joined with a community here on Facebook that has answered all of my questions and has given me support throughout the entire process. I've met some amazing people. From there, I was able to change my mindset, have others believe in me. Something that is so difficult to have when starting up your company. This company that I started is something that's going to give value to others and transform their life, teaching them how to grow, just like I want to grow. From the saying, "Treat thy neighbor as thyself", we're doing that in the business sense. Taking that golden rule, and in a sense, profiting from it and making a win-win scenario. After the process, I've been going through this process with my wife to buy a home. We're almost able to buy it here in the next four days. Once that's complete, I'm going to be hopping back into this course, 110% and transforming my life and my mindset. I definitely recommend it for somebody who is just on that edge, on the brink and knows without a shadow of a doubt this is where they want their life to be. Is to help others and to profit from it and be free from a nine to five.