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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Risk Management Consulting
  • Location: Washington DC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Consulting Accelerator has helped Manish become more valuable to clients and develop strategies to grow a solid consulting business.


Hi. . I'm from the Washington D.C. area. Before the program, I had some background in consulting, but was really looking for developing a new niche, taking years of experience that I have had in several industries in several places, but really wasn't clear about that. So, I also didn't have a lot of experience on the Facebook or digital marketing of services, but brought the experience. So, a lot to start with, but during the program, what the program really allowed me to do was be more specific and focused on industries, picking a niche, what would be valuable to solve problem, and how to actually market those to potential customers and develop sales strategies and have meaningful discussions with them so that we can build a good consulting business. It's been quite a journey. After the program, I learned a lot. I'm still implementing quite a bit of it. There's a lot to digest, but it's really very well written, very well presented, very well thought through. It's been very helpful to be focused and very precise around the mechanics of what needs to be done, but also the mindset of how it needs to be done. I would certainly recommend this training to anyone who's looking to get started, but if you certainly have some background in consulting or some aspect of it or feel like you have something that could contribute, I'm certain it would help really grow that business of yours. So, look forward to working and continuing with the program, and best of luck to everyone.