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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Entrepreneurs
  • Location: Bruges, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jan entered Consulting Accelerator feeling tired, grumpy, and felt he had a negative view of his life. In just 5 weeks, he has drastically improved his mindset, and finally has found what he has been looking for. He recommends others join the program if they are willing to invest in themselves.


Hi there. My name is and I am from a little country called Belgium. Before I entered the program of Sam, I was always tired. I was always grumpy and I had always a negative view of my life. Everything before the program was very very negative and was not good. I entered the program one month and a half ago and now I'm in week five. I learned so much. I learned, and the most important thing I learned is the mindset because if you have a very good mindset of your own, everything is going to be okay, your private life and your business, so yeah, that's the important thing for me. You can do it also because it's so easy. Yeah, for the moment I have still a fixed job and I earn around 1700 Euros. 1700 Euros, okay, that's not bad but it is also not good. I was always looking for something more, and now I have found it finally, and to have a little bit more ... so yeah, for the moment I can also not show you or say I have paying clients, but I have a few clients and one of them is a big one. If I succeed in the big one I get the personal contacts of the CEOs of the other companies, so yeah, it's very very important for me. I recommend everybody to follow this program, but I have also one rule. You must be prepared to invest in yourself. If you invest in yourself you learn more, you going to do more. What do you achieve in the future, you're going to be happier about. That is the one thing I say. Thank you Sam for everything you have done for me and what you have done for everybody. You are a great businessman and you are my favorite flick. Good bye.