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  • Niche: Consulting education
  • Location: Albany, new york, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jean is using the Consulting Accelerator to help her build her own online course to help individual entrepreneurs. She is very thankful for the program.


Hi. This is Jean and I'm recording this from Albany, New York. I am a project manager during the day time and we use agile project management, which lets you plan and then do, plan and do, in two week sprints. The major corporations in America and around the world use this today. It helps them get their projects completed successfully. Due to Sam Ovens' course, I am creating my own course that is going to help solo entrepreneurs actually implement the agile methodology that has helped so many large corporations. I really thank Sam for his course. I think it was a wonderful course and it has let me develop my own and lead me into an area that I have wanted to go for many years. So, thank you very much, Sam. Bye, bye.