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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Entrepreneurs
  • Location: Concord, NH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jesse was working a 6-figure job when he started Consulting Accelerator. He is only in his second week, and has been able to learn a ton of information in which he plans to utilize and leave his job and go all in with his consulting business.


Hi everyone, I'm Jesse Harlas, I'm from New Hampshire. Before joining the Consulting Accelerator I was working a six figure job, I'm currently still in that job but I'm planning on leaving that job in just a few months. So what I'm doing is piecing together everything I can from this course to be able to go all in into produce enough income to sustain a living and more than to sustain a living, to thrive. During this process, I'm currently only on week two of the course but I've gained a tremendous amount of value from the first week defining my niche. I printed out everything, created binder and answered all the questions and really defining my avatar has been really helpful for me. I'm continuing to work through it, I'm very excited to do the upgrade and continue to move forward. I would highly recommend this to everyone, looking at the sales script, it's been extremely helpful in my job that I'm in now and having that sales script moving forward is just going to be huge being someone in sales for the last 15 years is what I've done. So I'm very excited to move forward with this and excited for the journey. Thanks.