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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business Coaching
  • Location: Sherman, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Daniel has joined Consulting Accelerator and has already landed a few key clients who he is doing amazing work with. He would highly recommend the program to anybody.


Hi, my name is Dan Swanson from Dallas, Texas. I've been coaching off and on for years, but it's always been a sideline. My main business has always been consulting. Then I ran across Sam's course, Accelerated Coaching. I went through it and as I was going through it I was slapping my forehead over and over again. I'm going, "Oh man, I wish I had thought of that. Oh, if I could have just charged for that." It just was really revealing. As a result of going through the course, the very first client that I landed afterwards was a guy that wanted to grow his business from a few thousand dollars a month to over a million dollars a month. I had done that a number of times over the years and we're making some good progress in getting there. What's interesting though is he was so impressed, he voluntarily gave me 20% of his company just for helping him out, so I get 20% of the company, 20% of the profits and it just is a wonderful way of doing coaching. The second client that I landed, he wants some help developing some software and to raise some capital, so I'm helping him raise several million dollars, which I've done many, many times and helping him create some software and running the software team, which I've done several hundred times. It's really turning out to be great because not only do I get a monthly retainer, I also get part of the company as well as part of the profits. So Sam's course is paying for itself with just the first two clients and it's really nice to have someone coach you through being a coach. I found over the years the very hardest thing to do is coach yourself, so having a course like this really draws the best out of you. I'd highly recommend anyone considering coaching getting this and studying this program.