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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Mindset work / the thinking prosess
  • Location: Brumunddal, Norway
  • Consulting Accelerator

Eirik joined Consulting Accelerator while he was a personal trainer. During the program he enjoyed the structure and order of the program and has been able to land clients as he's been building out his own program for mindset.


Hello, my name is Trumpkint, and I am from Norway. So now I'm going to talk about the consulting accelerates program and how it helped me. Before the program, I was doing a personal trainer, and developing myself as a theraput. So, the consulting program was really good for me. So, before the program I was in Las Vegas and down there I was with a girl. I had a vision of me living the lifestyle I wanted by teaching people mindset that's managed. When I was down there I had a that's where I had the vision of me living this life. Then I found the consulting program just two days after that. And two days again I bought the program. So, I think that was a very interesting experience as it came to me that way. So, during the program, it's very good teachings. Everything is lined up for you so you have all the how's. Now, I have kind of passed everything and I am building my own program because it takes quite a lot of time. I have been building it pretty long time now. After I create my program now I'm feeling confident in being in my niche. I'm doing what I love to do. That's learning these things and then give it for to other people. I really want to recommend this to every people that is doing something similar as this. As even just marketing. Because the marketing there is so powerful. This is changed my life so I can do exactly what I want to do. Because I think that's the important things for many people, do what you love to do. That's the most important because then you feel good, and you following your meaning of life. So, that was a short video of me and how it really changed everything for me. So, thank you so much. for your great work. Hope everybody has a great day. Bye.