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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Public Speaking
  • Location: Glendale, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Paul was looking a way to grow and expand his mind. He learned inside the program how to clearly communicate to his prospects and clients. After the program, he is looking to setup his Consulting business and help others with public speaking.


Hi. My name is Paul Kim from Las Angeles, California. What my life was like before Consulting Accelerator is I was going to work, commuting an hour and a half each way and I decided, "You know what, instead of listening to sports radio I want to listen to something that's going to help my mind grow and expand." I found Sam Ovens on YouTube. I watched his videos and I decided, "You know what? I want to hear more of what this guy's saying." My wife and I, we got a limited data plan on Verizon and then I would have it on my dashboard and on my phone I would just watch the entire Accelerator program all the way to work and back. It just really helped me a lot. During the program, I learned a lot. Especially explaining clearly what you're supposed to do to tell your client. For example, I have a wedding events company and I clearly tell them what I offer them. You have to be clear in what you're offering, even when you're consulting them on the call. Before I would just blurt out everything and what I do but instead now I ask them questions. It's all about getting them to say exactly what they need and then once they express everything, then you tell them all the solutions that you can provide for them. It's all about getting them to talk and make it about them. That's what I really learned during. After the program, I haven't set up my own but what I really want to do is set up a consulting for public speaking. I've been a stand up comedian for 12 years at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, which is a prestigious club, and not everyone wants to become a stand up comedian but everyone has to be a public speaker at one point or another. At your work, in front of your family, in front of friends, and half the population of the world is terrified of public speaking so I want to start an online program to consult for public speaking. Thank you Sam Ovens. Thank you so much for your Consulting Accelerator Program. I look forward to the next one. Thank-