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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Self-Improvement
  • Location: Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Simão. Before investing in Consulting Accelerator, he struggled with the technical aspects of building a website and doing advertising. Here's what he learned:


Hi Guys. It's Simel here. I am from Portugal, from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. I'm coming to you guys today to share with you my experience working with Sam. First things first, I want to give you a quick idea of how I was doing before giving the accelerator a shot. I bought the program about a year ago while I was trying to establish myself as this expert in the self-improvement industry. That wasn't going so well. I lacked the technical skills to get the job done, such as building a website, creating sales funnels, doing Facebook ads. That was all just a big mess for me. However, I would say that one of the main differences between then and now is with Sam's help, I've been able to develop the right mindset. Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, developing the right mindset might just be one of the most important things you can take out of this course. It gives you the confidence to trust in yourself to fight your own battles, and that is a major game changer. Not only that, but Sam actually guides you through whatever skills you need to master in order to manage a successful online business. Overall, I'd recommend this program to anyone who is willing to step outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes it's so easy to keep ourselves in the place where we are right now, but that's not a place of growth. That's not a place where you can scale your business. That's not a place where you can create new content and quality content for your clients, for your customers, whatever it may be. You will face difficult situations sometimes. If I were to sit here and tell you this will all be sunshines and rainbows, that will just be a lie. You will find some obstacles in the way, but in the end, if you do trust Sam, and if you do trust his formula, I can tell you with 100% certainty, you will successfully conquer what you're after.