5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: women in banking
  • Location: Edgewater, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Life before the program Victoria was working in the banking industry and was struggling with her passion and drive working the repetitive 9-5. She especially liked the mindset training and creating her vision for the future. She also loves the community aspect of the program.


Hello, everybody. My name is Victoria , and I'm reporting in from New Jersey. So the life before Sam was quite different from what it is now. I worked in banking industry for over 10 years and wasn't quite happy. I did not like the nine to nine work week. It was really difficult for me to find passion and drive and feel like I'm making a difference. Sam's program is phenomenal because it empowers you to be the better version of yourself without the need to rely on anything or anyone. I especially like the mindset training where you pretty much allow yourself to architect the image of you and then help yourself to manifest that vision. And I'm really grateful for Sam's efforts and hard work to teach not only the philosophy of sales but also the concepts of manifestation and visualization. I think this is what makes the program so unique and powerful, and a lot of people are getting phenomenal results because of that. Also, once you become part of Sam's world, you get access to phenomenal community that is very supportive and encouraging, and this is something that makes tremendous difference for you as a startup business owner. So good luck to all and see you around.