5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Learning & Development
  • Location: Greenwood Village, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jeff got into the program to help define his business and he had a lot of skills and talents and didn't know how to focus them. After the course he has landed multiple contracts and has become completely independent.


Hey everybody, I'm Jeff from Denver, Colorado. I looked at the consulting program and really wasn't sure if I should do it. The more that I really listened to what Sam was saying, and what he was talking about, defining your business, and so forth, I really began to get interested. One of my biggest issues was I have a lot of different skills and talents, but I didn't really know where to narrow it down to. When I was going through the program, it really helped me to find niches that I could really operate in, and then I really nailed it down to one or two that I really wanted to go after. During the program, it really helped me set up schedules, set up realistic, not only time frames, but the script and everything really helped me pull together what I needed to say when I was talking to people in my niche, and how to really research more of my niche. That was really helpful. Now that I've gone through the program, I've landed two or three different contracts. One is a really large contract for the next two to three months. Got two to three other small ones, and it's good money. I've decided to go independent, and stay independent, as long as I can. I really think with this program, that it's going to help me stay that way. It really helps you understand how to talk to people, especially when you're approaching your niche. I would highly recommend that you would get this program and go through it, and really apply the exact and specific things that the program wants you to do.