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  • Location: Woodland Hills, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Satori attests that the Consulting Accelerator is a full-blown program that can help anybody start a consulting business and will take them through the steps from A-Z.


Hey, it's Tory. Number One, Best Selling Author of "Unshakable Wealth," and I'm talking to you straight from Beverly Hills, California. I'm giving a shout out here to Sam and his Consulting Accelerator program. By the way, it's an awesome program, first of all, but have you ever been in an experience where you invested your time, your money, to try to really learn something valuable. You go, you have the course and you take one piece, second piece, but there's something missing, right? It's not like, it's not complete. You have to go and get information somewhere else. Well, the Consulting Accelerator program really, it's to me, watching it and going through the modules, and you can see it's a very complete program. It really takes you like a playbook, from A to Z. It really helps you understand, not only how to build your business, but what you need to do in order to attract new clients and get yourself online to build that consistency in your business. So, if you never consulted anybody, if you never been coaching or advising, and you're starting from scratch, or if you actually have been doing it for a long time, like I have, you start noticing that you have what you need here to be able to build a solid business. So, I definitely recommend the Consulting Accelerator program for you. I know that it would be completely worth your investment. So, go for it. Have fun and build your business. Bye for now.