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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Mind Coaching
  • Location: cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Simon wanted to start his own business and used Consulting Accelerator to structure the business he wanted.


Hi, it's Simon Stocker here from Cambridge in the UK. So I just want to make a quick video just to say where I was before I found Sam's consulting accelerator. I was working in factories in managerial positions, and earning pretty good money, I was doing okay, but my heart wasn't in it. I knew had to change, wanted to do something different, I wanted to start my own business. So I went off and I did that and I had very little structure, very little understanding of the direction I was going in, the direction I shouldn't go in, and I just kind if brute force went for it anyway. And it was a bit worrying because the fist few months money was obviously very much less, and I stumbled upon Sam's consulting, his program, and actually purchased that. When it first arrived I looked through it and though, "There's so much stuff here, how am I ever going to get through it?" But it's fantastic, because the first video explains that if you're going to go through it all at once, it's going to be overwhelming, so you just do it one step at a time. Read through it, understand it, implement what you've learned, and move on to the next stage, and honestly, it was just fantastic. Now I've got more of an understanding, a structure in my business, I've got my goals and they're set out in a really structured way, there's a whole massive section on mindset and improving it, and when you think you've got a good mindset you go through it and you realize, "Yeah, it could definitely be better." So, it's helped me no end and now the business is growing week on week. I'm not exactly where I want to be, but then I've still got plenty of time to go through the system and implement what I'm learning. So, thank you for giving me the structure, teaching me how to fish so I can feed myself and my family for the rest of my days now, I'm not just trying to find a fish every day. It's fantastic, so I would recommend it to anybody starting up their own business, wanting to get out there and get their message to the world, make a difference in the world, a great way to do it. The structure's there for you and it's absolutely spot on, so grab it if you can. Thank you Sam, much appreciated, take care.