5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: CEO's
  • Location: Quebec, Montreal, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Pierre has enjoyed the simple sales cycle that exists and the raw fundamentals the Consulting Accelerator has you focus on. He really enjoyed the mindset training and developing his own identity to help build his future.


Hi, everyone. I'm from Montreal. I'd like to share with you some of my experience with the Consulting Accelerator program from Sam Ovens. Before I joined that program, I'm a coach, professional coach for the last eight years with about 50 clients per year. Now, I'd like to change clientele. I'd like to work more with presidents, CEOs of companies. The advantage I see with the program that I've already experienced positively is that I can shorten the time and the distance if you want between the prospect and myself. We don't get into the clutter of developing complex websites, blogs and presence online that can take months and we're not even sure if the right clients are reading them. Now, we have an approach that's much more direct and I really appreciate that. Also, in the beginning of that program in the section two, I really admire Sam for having included the importance of being able to plan for our future, basically being clear about designing our dream life, developing an identity that we want and looking at this, let's say, for the next 10 years, down, planning down to the years, the months and the days that everyday you're not only building that future, you're actually living it. I think that's pretty smart. That's all I'd like to share for now since I'm still in the program and I hope to see you as you probably would join if you look for the right thing for yourself on the Facebook support group that Sam has put together. Excellent support. Talk to you soon.