5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business coaching
  • Location: Olney, MD, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gina has the found the program extremely helpful. All of the content inside is super specific to helping her grow a consulting business. She especially loves the Facebook community and is excited for pushing forward and getting clients =) She highly recommends the program for anybody looking to run a consulting business.


Hi everyone, my name is Gina Swales and I am from Maryland. I am just here to talk to you about Sam Ovens Consulting program. I think it's a wonderful program. I purchased it last year but became one of those folks that was procrastinating because I just wasn't totally sure but his webinars that I listened to that caused me to make this decision was absolutely wonderful. He just made it sound so perfect, so laid out and just an ideal thing. But I tend to be a bit of an introvert and a procrastinator and I let it sit on the shelf a bit because I was one of those folks that was just a little bit hesitant. But I always wanted to start my own business and have something that I could define on my own terms and build a legacy for my own family. So I took another look at it. I joined the Facebook community and I really, really love how Sam has this entire program laid out for us from choosing our niche and helping us craft our marketing message and even to the extent of helping us price our programs. I have so many ideas of a niche so right now my struggle is going back to narrow down my niche because I just feel like I'm over analyzing it and trying to find that one perfect thing. But what I'm understanding from my learning of the program is that if one doesn't work we can go back to it and we can better define our niche and re-launch ourselves so nothing is so carved in stone and I love that. And I specially, especially love the Facebook community because that's what I watched for quite some time to see what other people were posting as results and how many people, so many people, were ringing that bell and making bank on their program. So it just helped me to become more of a believer and like, hey wow, this program is awesome. And I cannot wait to see Sam's new program to see if that would even give me a better push to put my business out there and to realize my own bank roll and ringing the bell. I can't wait until I can ring the bell and see what I can do in my own business. But more than anything I love the support and I would highly, highly recommend this to all of my friends. Anyone who's looking to do a consulting business, you can do this. We all can do this and here's to your success. All the best.