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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Coaching
  • Location: Marion, IN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Larissa and her husband do a lot of domestic and international travel for their business. She and her husband have multiple businesses but she wanted to build her own consulting business. She needed guidance on figuring out who her target demographic would be and how to do paid Facebook ads. The assignments really helped her and she now has clarity.


Hi. My name is and I am originally from Indiana, but my husband and I actually travel full time, so we do a lot of international and domestic travel here in the United States. We don't actually have a home base, but I am currently in Colorado. Before Sam's Consulting Accelerator program my husband and I had, and actually still have, multiple businesses, but I wanted to build my own consulting business, and I needed a little bit more clarity on who my target audience was, and I was also interested in learning how to do paid Facebook ads. As I was going through Sam's program, I was really pleased with how thorough Sam's teachings and lessons were, and just how relevant his homework assignments were, and how they helped me in my business. Having gone through his program, I've gotten so much more clarity and have learned a lot about Facebook ads. Although I haven't really needed to use paid advertising in my business quite yet just because I've had a lot of referrals and also I do a lot of organic marketing in my business, I can still say that I would recommend Sam's program. He's thorough, his content is current and it's relevant, and he's a really great teacher. So, if you have a chance to work with Sam, I highly recommend it.