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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Consulting
  • Location: Orinda, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mark joined the program and grabbed the tools to be confident with his sales approach. He has found the program extremely valuable and feels that the program has helped him with his businesses more than his MBA. ?He recommends the program to others.


This video is going to cover my thoughts on the Consulting Accelerator Program. It was two or three thousand dollars and that's a big investment so I just wanted to share my thoughts on what you get out of it. I run my own consulting business. It was hovering $150 thousand a year and I knew there was a better way to approach the consulting process or the consulting business. At bare minimum I thought this was going to be a good exercise for that but as it turns out it was a lot more than that. I spent 15 years as a corporate order taker and decided to start my own thing and it's a big transition and I think you need help along the way. I happen to have an MBA from one of the top universities in the country but they don't teach you how to run your own business and, as everybody knows, as soon as you get to a certain point in a corporate career ... it is about selling. It's about selling the product or service that your company offers and that's where people are making a lot of the money. Some people can make good money supporting that effort but it really is ... it turns out to be a sales process. The Consulting Accelerator, to my surprise, had a really strong sales process discussion and exercises. It changed the way I approach my sales process and it was pretty profound. It gave me a lot of the tools to really feel confident about how I go about the sales process. On the consulting side, absolutely invaluable. One of my concerns was that it was going to outline the way that ... if you're listening to this, most likely you've gotten tons and tons of these chain emails that are trying to get you to buy a product or services, just like Sam Ovens offers. I was worried that it was going to be more geared towards that than geared towards the professional consulting services that I do. That turns out not to be the case where it really takes you in stages on how you build a consulting business. You could choose to work up to the type of system that Sam Ovens has put together for his consulting business but if you want to stay at whatever stage you want, there's plenty of money to be made at the different stages of consulting business. You can do that and I found that extremely, extremely valuable. The other thing is the cost. I'm pretty frugal, maybe to a fault, so in my case I spent 2000 bucks and that was a tough pill to swallow for me but I spent 75 thousand on a MBA and now I think the price of that MBA is 150 thousand. I can't say that that added that much value to my career. It was a great experience but not of my career. The idea of investing in yourself and learning the tips and tricks of the sales process for $2000 is, I think, a great investment. The other thing is that I didn't recognize or appreciate how much work it was going to be. This is not just listen and get information. He actually goes through some exercises that take some times and some thought that really nail down the principles that he's trying to communicate. All in all, I'm extremely happy with it and I think it's definitely a worthwhile investment. I think anybody that's thinking about building a consulting business where you're pretty much selling your special talents, your special interests, or if you're out there trying to sell another type of product or services at a bigger company, I think you can get a ton out of the training. I think the other thing is that I can't put a repeat or rewind on my MBA and get more, learn the material deeper ... with this you can refer back to it and listen to it over and over again and get reinvigorated and regrounded on the right way to approach both the consulting business and the sales business so I highly recommend it. I think it's been extremely worthwhile. It's changed the way I approach the two businesses that I run and I hope you find the same. Thank you very much.