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  • Location: Sebastopol, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Doug and Jen came in with a plan to take things to the next level, but were struggling with charging higher prices and scaling their business. They found the Facebook ads training cutting edge and used the sales script to overcome self-limiting beliefs for charging high prices. He urges anybody on the fence to dive in.


Hey, my name is Doug Sanders. I live in beautiful Sonoma Wine Country in California. My wife Jen and I own a holistic health platform. It's been really successful, been very happy with it. But we also knew we wanted to go to the next level. We just weren't quite sure how to do that in terms of scaling and premium pricing. Jen actually stumbled upon Sam's program. We dove in right away. I kid you not, before we even finished all the modules we began booking $2,500 and $5,000 clients with no paid advertising. The best part is we're under priced right now. I know we're going to be able to raise our prices and get it immediately. Two areas that were huge, game changing for us about this program. One is the Facebook ads module. I've purchased other Facebook ads courses and this one is by far the most cutting edge and thorough. The second part we really loved about the program is Sam's approach to selling. We're both naturally introverted so the idea of getting on a call and screwing it up terrified us, especially when asking for premium pricing. But the way Sam teaches you, you're just having a conversation which leads the prospect into a natural yes where it just makes sense for them to say yes. That, in itself, is huge and, like I said, game changing. If you're on the fence about this program at all, I would say dive in. This is the best business decision we've ever made. We're different people with very different incomes and life and this business journey just got a whole lot more exciting. I would urge you to dive in. Thank you, Sam. This has been awesome. Thank you.