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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: education
  • Location: Missouri, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gay is a life-long learner and is using Consulting Accelerator to start realizing her potential.


Hello everyone. This is Gaye Askew, from the St. Louis area. Thank you so much for watching this video. I'd like to share that I'm a retired school teacher, and in retirement I realized I needed a new purpose and I needed some extra income too. I signed up for the Sam Ovens accelerating consulting accelerating, no consulting accelerator program. In starting this program I learned quite a bit. Then I reached an impasse. I got to the section where you had to find your niche. I just couldn't find it. There were too many choices, so I just kind of put it off to the side and started doing what I had been before, which was working on a curriculum for middle school, high school students. I also was working on my website for my small town, and also coordinating their quarterly photo contest. I also recently opened up my home as an Airbnb. I'm hoping with this new program that I will learn more information that will help me get past some of my blocks and will get into influencing and impacting more people. That's part of my goal. As a teacher I was always life long learner. And in that life long learning, that's where it's at, is to increase whatever. Anyways, hopefully we'll go from there. As far as recommending or not recommending the program, I don't feel I have a good enough feel for the program, but obviously I'm still interested so there's still potential. Thank you.