5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Sales
  • Location: Lalor Park, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Blake used the consulting accelerator to give him the edge he needed to grow in his business. He has now started to reach the $300,000/year with his consulting business.


Hi there. My name's Blake Hooper from Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to quickly make a testimonial for Sam Ovens. I entered into his course about six months ago, and it's given me to edge I've needed in my career to excel to the next level. I've been a consultant for a quite a long period now, probably around about five or six years, and I've always tried to keep progressing myself though learning. I found Sam's course to be very comprehensive and it started to open my eyes to other avenues to have a look at. Sam really known marketing down to a T and he's a great person to learn from. He's also got a great group that you can join when you become a member of his programs. That group there has been instrumental in learning some of the next steps that I required in my career. As a consultant now, I've breached that $300,000 a year mark and I'll have to owe a little bit to Sam considering he did help me get my mindset in a better place. He showed me some additional ways that I wasn't aware of to conduct sales and I'm all the better for it. If you're thinking of joining his course, I'd suggest you definitely give it a go. I'm looking forward to making the million dollar club when I go and visit Sam there and we go on his private jet. I'll leave you with that, and I look forward to working with you or seeing you soon in the future when you're in the group.