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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Language schools
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program Khady was freelancing for 3 years and found herself struggling with an inconsistent mindset. She has now been able to develop her mindset, discover her desired niche and how to close more sales. Khady was also able to obtain 3 clients within a week.


Hi everyone, my name is Katie. I'm from Toronto, and today I want to share with you my experience with the program of Sam Oven, the consulting one. Basically, before having the chance to get into this program, I was freelancing for more than three years, and it was very difficult for me to get through to clients. It was very difficult for me to have the right mindset, so sometimes I was very happy, and another time I was very disappointed, and it was very hard to keep my motivation. During the program, basically I've learned a lot about myself, I've learned a lot about how to find a niche, how to find clients, and also how to close sales, which for me is very essential and very important. Today as I finish your program, I'm very excited to start my journey, and I have been able to get three clients within a week, so I'm pretty excited to start this new journey, and I want to thank Sam. Thank you so much for helping me and helping for my business, and I'm excited to start a ...