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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Self-Improvement
  • Location: Leidschendam, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dan Cheong already knew some things about business and consulting however he lacked a predictable system to get clients whenever he wanted. Dan joined the program and made $21,000 in his first 3 weeks and he's just getting started!


Hi Everyone. My name's Dan and I live in the Netherlands. I want to talk about my experience with Consulting Accelerator from Sam Ovens. Before I bought the course, I have been marketing online for about three years and I had been fairly successful. I never was able to nail down a specific process to land high ticket, one on one clients. That's when I started looking around for good information because I wanted to start my own marketing agency. What I did was, I bought the Consulting Accelerator and I went through it. The course material itself was very easy to follow. Through following it, I was getting a lot of clarity in the process and the way you can get one on one clients very systematically. That was what I was looking for. After I went through the course, I actually was able to set up the process for one of my partners and I was able to get three calls almost immediately. Through these three calls, we closed two of them for a total of 21,000. I basically made back the investment I made in Consulting Accelerator almost within three weeks of using it. Me and my partner made another 19,000 from that. I would definitely recommend you get Consulting Accelerator if you are looking for a specific process to close one on one clients.