5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Millenial Coaching
  • Location: Tampa, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kristie was feeling very annoyed and overwhelmed with what she was currently doing. After going through the Consulting Accelerator, she has seen the value in the program, the Consulting Community and 100% recommends the program.


Hi. My name is , and I'm here to recommend Sam Ovens's consulting program. Before I decided to do the program, the place that I was in was actually really annoyed, because I purchased and signed up for all these online courses that taught you how to build and grow an online business but there were so many different ways that I became extremely overwhelmed and ended up doing nothing. I came across Sam Ovens's webinar, and I was completely sold on the program, because it seemed like a step-by-step system that Sam used himself and that I've seen other people who've gone through the program do, because you can see it exactly from their website how they're doing it. I was sold on the program, and I wanted to learn exactly what I needed to do. I 100% trusted Sam to be able to teach me that. As I was going through the program, I devoured the entire thing from start to finish, and I was completely hooked on everything that he was teaching. I had zero buyer's remorse. Now, as I was doing the program, I did have a lot of things in life that came up that kind of deterred me to actually going through the implementation process, but the best thing is that you always have the program to fall back on and the community is awesome for when you ever have any questions. I 100% recommend Sam Ovens's training program, because it's a step-by-step system, and it teaches you everything that you possibly need to know. Sam is really serious about being the best, and I believe that he's the best. He will teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful. I really hope that you join me inside, because I know that I'm going to have a successful business because of Sam. Thank you.