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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Waste Management
  • Location: Arndell Park, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Athin was unhappy with his 9-5 job. He was looking for a change, but was unsure what to do. He learned a ton of useful information and strategies going through the program. After the Accelerator, he has been able to obtain many clients and now believes the sky is limit for himself.


Hey, it's from Sydney. Before joining Sam's program, I was unhappy while working a nine to five job, I had to work extra hours without getting paid for them, I knew I needed to change, but was unsure on what to do. I came across Sam's program on Facebook and signed up to a free webinar. I was a little skeptical initially, however after hearing his story and where he is today, I knew I had to give it a shot. During the program I realized there is much more to life than working a nine to five job. Sam's information and strategies are second to none, the program is set out professionally in weekly modules and broken down into segments. It's easy to follow, it ensures you can take action as you go along. The program gets better each week, which makes you want to keep learning. After the program, I realized that I can take control of my life by becoming a consultant. Sam has inspired me to create my own consulting business. Sam's strategies work, and I've been able to obtain many clients through what I've learned. I know my life has changed for the better after Sam's program, I believe anything is possible, so the sky's the limit. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone, including friends and family, as I'm sure they will be able to get the same value I've obtained. Sam's information and strategies will change your life, so stop telling yourself that you can't do something, and start telling yourself that you can do something. Take action and change your life now.