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  • Niche: HVAC
  • Location: Columbia, SC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course he was a struggling internet marketing consultant going all different directions. After the course he was way more focused and has applied the techniques he never he even thought of.


Hi, this is Roy Smith in Columbia, South Carolina. I'm a marketing consultant. I've been working online as a internet marketing consultant for the last 12 years. Before purchasing Mr. Sam Ovens' program, I was a struggling marketing consultant going in all types of different directions. Every week it was something different. After joining Mr. Sam Ovens' program, I was much more focused. He exposed me to tips, strategies, and techniques that I never even considered. Now that I've been in the program now for a few months, my business has really begun to take off. I'm making more money. I'm bringing home more clients a lot easier than before. Actually, I'm attracting more and more clients than I was ever before. I'm making more money and I'm very, very excited. I must say that I would most definitely recommend Mr. Sam Ovens' program to anyone who is interested in beginning to make money online instead of struggling. You don't have to struggle. He's already laid the foundation. He's laid the tracks we to follow. All you have to do is get involved. Learn and follow his strategies and you will be successful. Thank you so much. Have a great day, bye.